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Anne Kuhm – Bee Ambassador

Anne Kuhm Bee AmbassadorAnne Kuhm a native from France came to the United States in 2017 to study at Arizona State University. Graduating from ASU in 2019, with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies. A former Sun Devil gymnast and a former elite gymnast, Anne represented France in various international competitions. Along with competing in the Olympic Games in 2016 and in 2012. She also competed in the European Games in 2016, World Championships in 2015, European Championships, and others during her time as a gymnast.

Being an athlete requires a lot of determination, focus, and commitment. To be successful, athletes need to be focused 150% day in and day out. Sometimes, it can be hard physically but also mentally. In 2018, Anne attended the 2nd annual, Pave the Way: Mental Health Summit. At the time, Anne was going through her own personal struggles. Working on two degrees, being enrolled full-time in a French institution, as well as at ASU. At the same time, she was training and competing as a division 1 athlete.

Thanks to the summit, she met a lot of people that were supportive and checked in regularly with her. The support Anne got was helpful and meant so much to her. She learned a lot about the importance of taking care of herself and about mental health the past year thanks to the resources provided by the Bee Daring foundation. She also learned there are lot of people that are facing the same challenges that she went through. By being an ambassador, Anne wants to help the foundation spread the message about the importance of mental health in the community, but also in athletes. She wants people to know that having the courage to ask for help can be life-changing and that they will be forever thankful for the people that helped them along the way.

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Michelle DiMuria
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Written by Michelle DiMuria

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