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Each week, co-host Michelle DiMuria & Toni Mascaro will interview different people from different professions as we navigate through COVID19.  Mental Health is so important, and together we can through anything!

All opinions, products, and services of guests of this podcast are not necessarily those of the BEE Daring Foundation or the BEE Real Products. Additionally, on behalf of the BEE Daring Foundation and the hosts of BEE Real Podcast, we do not endorse the products or services provided during our podcast.

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Season 1, Episode 1: Leslie Gray, 2018 South Regional Athlete-Team 2018 Masters

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! To help us jump start the month, Leslie will be sharing some insight on the importance of physical health and mind.  For more information, check out, Leslie’s IG account: @thegrayfortress

BEE Real, Episode 1



Season 1, Episode 2: Michelle Faust, Founder of Lemonade Legend

Her business, Lemonade Legend, is on a mission to give people a voice, share their stories, and elevate them above the conventional noise. She connects people with their stories and their stories with the world. Her platform for sharing includes her own anthology, The Lemonade Stand Series, publishing of promotional books, opportunities to contribute to the digital Lemonade Legend Magazine or having a guest experience on the Lemonade Legend Podcast. There is power in storytelling, and her platforms celebrate the voice of entrepreneurs and small business owners who have tackled lemons and created amazing versions of lemonade opportunities. To learn more, check out her website. www.LemonadeLegend.com

BEE Real, Episode 2


Season 1, Episode 3: Megan Porth, Founder and Managing Attorney of Your Contract Shop, a virtual law firm in Arizona.

Megan Porth is the founder and managing attorney at Your Contract Shop. Megan was born and raised around entrepreneurs and business people. From a very young age, she was attending networking events, strategic planning meetings, and marketing seminars. Her passion for helping businesses grow inspired her to go to law school, where she graduated with honors and created and supported a number of school organizations.

Prior to law school, Megan worked as the Business Manager for a software development company, the Deputy Director for a statewide initiative, and a lobbyist for the Arizona Department of Veterans Services. Additionally, Megan was the Chief Operations Officer of a web-based real estate training company, where she managed hundreds of clients and a full staff of employees.  When she’s not working, Megan loves kayaking, camping, and granting wishes through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Megan Porth, the principal at YCS, is only licensed in Arizona. Any other work done through YCS outside of Arizona will be done only with attorneys who are licensed or authorized to practice in that state.

To learn more, check out her website: https://yourcontractshop.com/

BEE Real, Episode 3


Season 1, Episode 4: Megan Good, Owner of Geeked Out Media

Megan Good is the founder of Geeked Out Media. She has been building websites and doing graphic design for over 18 years. For over 10 years she worked for a local multi-million dollar event company as their online marketing manager, helping them to reach page 1 of Google organically.

Her passion has always been to help companies grow and her hard work ethics and drive for what she does helps her own company stand out in the industry.

In her spare time (Haha! What’s that??) she loves to travel with her family, hike and expand her teens horizons on old music and shows from the 90’s. She is passionate about the importance of joy and finding purpose to overcome fear and anxiety in our lives.

To learn more, check out her website: https://geekedoutmedia.com/

BEE Real, Episode 4


Season 1, Episode 5: Jennifer Feel, Music industry executive/ dog mom

A former rock radio DJ, Jennifer has been in the music industry for over twenty five years. She is currently working on her Masters in Technical Communication at Arizona State University and enjoys spending time cooking vegan cuisine, hanging out with her dog, Beatrice and her partner of sixteen years, Nate. Jennifer mentors recent college graduates hoping to get into the music industry, moderates several social media groups for ASU, a local pet group, and has worked with her neighborhood council on city animal care issues. Jennifer resides in Los Angeles.

BEE Real, Episode 5

Season 1, Episode 6: Valery Parham & Letizia Baxter-Smith, Founders of CEO

CEO is a collective of women and minority creators, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and side-hustlers with a passion to deliver products and services that matter to you because they are created by people like you. CEO was born during the global Covid-19 pandemic with a mission to create a platform that services the needs of women and minority customers and entrepreneurs alike.


CEO was created so women and minorities have a one-stop-shop for products and services that they love because the unique products and services are created by people who understand the specific wants and needs of the CEO community’s customers. CEO’s goal is to create an online community and marketplace that facilitates the economic independence of women and minority creators, entrepreneurs, small businesses owners, and individuals who are just getting started.

BEE Real, Episode 6

Season 1, Episode 7: Erin Lawler Patterson, The Goodness Chick

 I’m a Podcaster, motivational speaker, author, and counselor. I spent 14 years as a high school crisis and addiction counselor before resigning from my position to go around the world with my husband and three-year-old son for ten months. During our time abroad I interviewed and volunteered with people in different pockets of the world who are changing their communities through kindness and outreach. Next month, my book: Conversations for Good: Listening and Learning from our Neighbors Around the World will be released based on our trip around the world. I’d love for you to tune into The Goodness Chick podcast that drops weekly focusing on living life with a full cup and its connection to mental health, self-care, kindness, and giving back. Since the beginning of social distancing, I’ve been providing webinars for schools and businesses on COVID resiliency w/ our mental wellness. You can find me, the Goodness Chick, on all social media platforms and I’d love to connect!

Goodness Chick

BEE Real, Episode 7

Season 1, Episode 8: Sydney Szmuc, founder of Young Women Loneliness Project

My name is Sydney Szmuc. I am a 25-year-old from Arlington, Tx. In the past seven years of my life, I had to drop out of school, where I had a full ride to college, due to depression. During that time I felt as if I lost everything. I lost my status, what I thought defined me as a person & I could no longer hide the brokenness me inside of me. For two years of my life I ran away from my emotions & dealing with the pain I felt in my chest. It wasn’t until my 3rd Suicide attempt that I finally said it was time to change & my awakening process begun. It lead me on a healing journey to go from someone who always felt perpetually alone, who was a people please, codependent, had no meaningful relationships in my life, didn’t feel connected to my family & didn’t feel connected to my own body. To someone who understands, sees & hears her own self. Also have built meaningful relationships in her life.

I am also the founder of Young Women Loneliness Project. Our vision is: Unifying young women together who feel lonely by creating a community that helps them let go of shame, guilt while learning to understand themselves.

BEE Real, Episode 8
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