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Daring Warriors – The Secret

Book One: The Secret

King Beckham and Queen Gale’s daughter Reagan Kolbeck was absolutely perfect in their eyes. A beautiful young woman who was destined for greatness. Reagan was a force to be reckoned with. She was a strong, independent woman who lived life to the fullest. Doing whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted and no one, not even her godmother, Dafne Linette could stop her. This was her life and she was going to do things her way.

Determined to show her father and the entire kingdom she was ready to be an “adult.” Working on her garden with her mother. Avoiding the wrath of her father. He didn’t exactly approve of her relationship with Calvin. And when she wasn’t busy staying out of trouble, she was spending time with her best friend, Alva. Little did she know, her life would be turned upside down on her 21st birthday.

Join Reagan, Alva, Calvin, Vector, Beckham, Gale, and Dafne as the secret unfold…..

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Written by
Michelle DiMuria
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Written by Michelle DiMuria

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