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Pink Cloud 9 Recovery Story

My Recovery Story:

The circumstances that led me to pick up alcohol & drugs was a mix of teen curiosity & trying to numb the bad upbringing my parents had endured on me.

My active addict daily life consisted of being angry, resentful, irresponsible, extremely selfish, egotistical, prideful, narcissistic, unaccountable, unavailable & a drain on society. Drugs of choice were legit everything from crack to heroin

Major consequences included: mental institutions, placing child up for adoption, miscarriages, infertility & homelessness

In 2007 I was diagnosed with: Bipolar 1, BPD, Anxiety, ADHD & PTSD.

Rock bottom was jail, losing my career & almost life

The judge ordered me to attend a 12-step program

3 years later I am happy, joyous & free

Spirituality is the main component to my recovery. I believe in a Higher Power greater than myself. I am not god & that is my mantra.

Today I am an Entertainment Artist: Actor, Radio Talk Show Host, Author, Podcaster & Comedian

-Katherine Salamanca

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